The Negiousness Of Stressing For Students At Wake Forest University

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Having considered the seriousness of stress, there are many solutions that must take place in order to allow students to feel relieved from the issue. One solution that a university in North Carolina has taken is to promote social networking. Beth Howard from the U.S. News reported that Wake Forest University aims to have successful students, minus all of the inessential stress. The quad at Wake Forest University allows students to enjoy each student’s company and ease their mind from school, according to Beth Howard. Activities that students can partake in at Wake Forest University’s quad are Frisbee, football, reading magazines, and engaging in music, as stated by Beth Howard. In addition to the fun activities, the quad also offers a …show more content…

A UCLA study revealed that after consuming yogurt, brain activity is reduced and one is allowed to better deal with his or her emotions. This solution is very effective because it both allows students to eat healthy and relieve their stress. By eating healthy students will have a lower risk of certain health issues such as, high blood pressure, obesity, and ultimately stress.
Whether stress is actually an issue for students continues to be a matter of debate. Although stress has several negative effects, in some situations, stress can be viewed as a good element for students. This referred to as good or healthy stress. According to Renee Jain, studies and research show that stress can benefit a person. For example, a study by the Stanford University School of Medicine found that in some situations stress can help one’s immune system. Moreover, other studies show that stress can allegedly improve one’s learning, decision making, and result in a positive mindset, as stated by Renee Jain. Stress can also be viewed as a way to allow students to understand adulthood and the idea that you have to work hard in order to succeed in life. While talking and interacting with other students, researchers may argue that students do not have enough time to study and complete school work. Despite these studies and oppositions by researchers, I and many others still believe that stress is a troubling

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