Scientific Model

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1) In YOUR OWN WORDS write a few sentences describing what a scientific model is. A scientific model is a tool that helps explain natural phenomenons or answer scientific questions. A scientific model can come in a variety of different forms such as drawings, graphs, equations, and three dimensional figures. They use these visuals to not only make it easier for other people to understand their models, but also as a form of evidence to prove that the conclusion they reached through an experiment or test was valid. 2) What are some important things a scientist looks for when she is judging the acceptability of a model? (Describe AT LEAST THREE.) Some important things scientists look for when they are judging the acceptability of a model is whether the model explain most of or all of the observations made, will your model still work or be the best answer if a new piece of evidence related to your model's system was discovered, and if the model is acceptable and realistic.…show more content…
Describe SPECIFICALLY why the model was replaced and why the new model is considered to be better than the old one (you may use an example from the article, from the modeling activity you did in class, or from another area of
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