Scientific Theories Are More Powerful Than Laws

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1. Scientific Theories are more powerful than laws because a theory explains and predicts occurrences in the natural world, while laws simply describe what is happening. 2. One attribute of the scientific process that improves the reliability of scientific knowledge over the long term is that the work can be tested and duplicated and if the work is not duplicated it is either incorrect or new technology will show different results. Another attribute is that scientists are always challenging and testing old and new theories alike either strengthening them, debunking them, or advance them. Another attribute that improves the reliability of scientific knowledge over time is that the process requires objectivity so everything done should have concrete evidence. 3. One factor that limits the scope of scientific inquiry is the capacity of the human mind we can’t inquiry about things we can’t even begin to comprehend. Another limitation on the scope of scientific is the time factor we cannot force nature to speed up or slowdown in most cases. 4. Arguments with the most reliable evidence supporting them are given bearing in scientific debates. 5. The three tenets of cell theory are as follows: all living organisms are composed of one or more cells; the cell is the basic unit of organization and structure in organisms; and lastly cells come from preexisting cells. 6. Cellular differentiation is the process of how daughter cells change from or differentiate from the parent cell and
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