Seclusion And Physical Restraint Procedures

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Seclusion and physical restraint procedures in the school settings are occurring at alarming rates. Seclusion is considered involuntary confinement of a person to a room or area from which a person is physically prevented from leaving (Mohr et al., 2010). It should be noted that seclusion is not when the student freely chooses to leave the targeted working area and has the ability to return. Physical restraint procedure are defined as any manual method or device used to restrict freedom of movement (Mohr et al., 2010). These interventions need to be further researched regarding the beneficial value. I also believe there is little regulation of the use of physical restraint and seclusion procedures in the school environment. The implementers of these procedures are unaware of the positional dangers of their use. Seclusion and restraint procedures are valid if they are utilized as a last resort. Last resort procedures should be utilized when the student is displaying continuous inappropriate behaviors that cause harm to themselves or others. Implementers should be educated about the potential dangers and side effects of these procedures. The utilization of positive behavior supports should be utilized to decrease and prevent the need for these procedures.
Current Law
Federal legislators flied House Bill 4247 and Senate Bill 2860 in order to raise the practice standards in public schools regarding seclusion and restraint. The House bill “The Preventing Harmful Restraint and

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