Separation Anxiety As A Medical Condition

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A mother leaves the room where her baby becomes heartbroken because she is not there to comfort him and care for him could this be separation anxiety. Separation Anxiety Disorder is a medical condition were children usually ranging in ages from 8 months to 14 years of age have distress when they are away from their parents and/or caregiver. Separation Anxiety can affect a person’s life dramatically by limiting them from engaging in ordinary day-to-day activities. Children with separation anxiety disorder may become severely anxious and agitated even when just anticipating being away from their home or primary caregiver.

Main Ideas

Separation Anxiety (DSM-IV-TR code 309.21) is a disorder that occurs during infancy and childhood. The anxiety must be present for 4 months before the age of 18 and cause distress to the child’s daily life. Separation Anxiety diagnosed in children of the ages 6 and younger is early onset. Excessive high levels of anxiety characterize it when the child is separated from his primary caregiver or home. Anxiety is a normal reaction when a child is away from their parents, but a child with separation anxiety reacts in a manner that’s not age appropriate. Children with separation anxiety becomes highly disturbed when leaving the place, figure, or person they’re attached to because they believe harm will come to them when they are away (Roxanne Dryden-Edwards 2005). While away they become extremely homesick, thinking about going home or…
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