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In Sequoia Choice AzDL, there are many aspects about Sequoia Choice that shows that this school is different from just any online school. Like with any other online school, the students do their school work on the computer at home. It is true that since the school is online that the information would be more accurate considering the fact that the information can be updated. The factor that makes Sequoia Choice different from any other online school is the fact that the school makes sure that the information that they choose is accurate.

The reason why that Sequoia Choice is different from any other online school is the fact that students who have taken the SAT test have had a high score. The reason why that happened is the fact that …show more content…

Parents would want to put their kids in that school because they would want their children to go to college. The parents would think that if they put their children in that school, that they would be more likely to succeed the SAT test and successfully go to college. Even if the child did not plan on going to college, this would still be an advantage to the student because employers are more likely to hire someone who knows more than one skills. It would increase the student's likelihood of getting a job that would be perfect for what they need. That is the second reason why Sequoia Choices accuracy is an important aspect.

On the other hand, some people might disagree and think that this is not the case. Some people might think that their own online School better is than Sequoia Choice. Those people may disagree with Sequoia Choices accuracy because they might think that the school is exaggerating how much they make sure that the information is accurate. Or they may have found something that is inaccurate and needs to be fixed. These are the two reasons why some would disagree with

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