Service Blueprint : A Practical Tool

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It is increasingly recognized that the services sector in all countries in the proportion of gross domestic product has an increasing, along with the development of tertiary industry, the market increasingly competitive, provide better products or customer experience is the key factors for the company stand out, companies can improve their products or services through service innovation, and service blueprint is a practical technology for service innovation. Service Blueprint is flexibility and versatility, the most important on the service blueprint is designed to customer-centric, and design experience and improve services. This essay will talk about whether the service blueprint as a practical tool in the enterprise operation…show more content…
The next step may be a step which will take the longest time, customers began to choose the product she wants to buy, staff can recommend suitable products to customers, according to the information given by the customer information system, and then continue to use the staff internal communication system to communicate with inventory department, which can increase the range of customer 's selection, for the customer is easier to choose the favourite products. That is can improve the quality of services while also increasing customer satisfaction. If consumers have any requirements for the product, such as some adjustment of product size or product want to have her own style, design department needs to as soon as possible through adjusting the product to meet customer requirements. After the customers buy products, stores should continue to provide follow-up services to facilitate customer repairs and maintenance products. Since the service blueprint is flexibility, the manager can easily add or modify steps, it can be seen from the service blueprints in order to improve customer satisfaction. There are many details of services blueprint, such as customer waiting for her intimate designated employees Shop offers
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