Case Analysis Of Zie Retail

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Zie Retails is running it business in Australia for over 17 years and its main office based in Melbourne. Due to the unfavorable circumstances of conversion in economic situation, Zie Retails has to cut down the quantity or amount of customer service staff in order to continue survive for the business. Zie Retails have made a decision to shut down few stores in Tasmania and Western Australia and combine or consolidate stores across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Zie Retails bring to a conclusion to bring down the working hours and amount of workers in customer service centers and stores.Zie Retails had also increase the prices, fees or charges of products and services due to the rising of costs. However, these changes caused …show more content…

The service levels are depending on the rules, mandatory, past or previous data in order for the management to figure out the necessity of the staffs. It is a difficult task for service status to retain and preserve, as well as increase satisfactions of customers by 10 per cent thatneeds to increase 20 per cent of workers. After gone through the study of the customer’s sensitivity to the response on calls, Zie Retails detected that the customers feel more happy when their calls being answered in certain seconds time and felt unhappy when their calls being hold for a longer time. As a result, Zie Retails contemplate to improve customer service by reduce the customer waiting time to make decrease their dissatisfaction level. However, the result is not positive and shown that extra staff is the main point to improve satisfaction of customers regardless of the waiting time. Zie Retails aware that new technology needed to be bringing in for example, upgraded structure, network and merchandize, as all of these are essentials to boost the satisfactions level of the

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