Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Public and Private Universities in Tanzania

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SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE UNIVERSITIES IN TANZANIA Kayita Sulaiman Master of Business Administration (MBA) University of Dar es Salaam November, 2010 SERVICE QUALITY…show more content…
Kayita Musa and Mrs. Rehema Kayita; there is nothing more wonderful in my life than being your son, May their souls rest in eternal peace. Abstract This study presents service quality as what customer says it is, as in the case of higher education because the “product” generated by higher education is not visible, tangible that cannot be held, analyzed and inspected for defects. The study offers insight on how universities in Tanzania have managed service quality and student satisfaction. A total of 102 respondents were involved in data collection process using questionnaires and interviews on students, administrative staff and departments selected at random. The study used descriptive cross sectional research design. The study on student satisfaction based on service quality attributes of service responsiveness, reliability and availability. Findings spell out service responsiveness; service reliability and service availability are significant in measuring service quality and also the level of student satisfaction. In the study students were not satisfied with the services that are rendered by different universities. The findings imply that public and private universities should adequately analyze service quality attributes ensuring that they meet the expectations and perceptions of the students as this will help in satisfying their expectations. Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) should enforce

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