Several years ago I worked for an organization that was new to the industry in which it conducted

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Several years ago I worked for an organization that was new to the industry in which it conducted business. The management within the organization was unorganized and lacked effective leadership. Through the course of my employment there were many negative things management did which, consequently, cause many of the employees to have ill will. Although the leadership may have tried has hard as it could to have an effective staff, in many ways it failed to motivate, communicate and please the employees. I will explain the behavior of leadership for this company, explain how it became negative and give some recommendations on how the company’s leadership could have handled things differently.

Communication within an organization is
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The goals set forth by the company were rarely met due to the inability for employees to have a clear understanding of how to complete their task. The lack of supportiveness by management caused many employees, including myself, to question whether they had our best interest in mind. I can remember thinking many times that the company had expectations that could not be met because they could not provide me a clear understanding of how they wanted me to complete certain tasks. I, along with my peers, felt as though the company was setting us up to fail and when failure did occur insisted the issues were not due to lack of communication, rather, it was due to a lack of employee understanding. Eventually, a breakdown in employee motivation and morale took place and cause the leadership staff to become increasingly heavy handed with new policy changes.

Organizational planning was an aspect of this company that went through constant adjustment. The company’s initial plan was to operate a debt settlement entity and drive profits through charging clients upfront fees. In time, law were updated to prevent company’s within that industry from charging upfront fees. The company then decided they would re-label those fees in order to continue to charge them. The management staff did do their best to continually implement the changes the company made in order to accomplish the goals set forth. However, the lack of proper communication prevented the company from achieving
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