Improving Organizational Retention Paper

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Improving Organization Retention
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Improving Organization Retention A healthy and productive work environment is important for any organization. Problems will occur; how the problems are solved will influence an employee’s rate of satisfaction or content in his or her current workplace. At JC’s Casino, these problems seem not to be solved to the overall satisfaction if at all. The workplace is experiencing friction and high stress levels that need to be alleviated quickly. If the problems are not solved in a timely manner, the employees dissatisfaction will escalate, which will create more problems for the organization, such as shortage of staff, bad reputation, and loss in
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He or she will become unmotivated to perform satisfactorily. The employer should pick up on the negativity in the atmosphere of the work environment and seek out the problems and provide solutions in a timely manner (MayoClinic, 2010). One of the major problems at JC’s Casino is the “pit boss,” Joe, who seems to be the arrogant, bullying type. His communication skills and levels are not appropriate for the work environment. Joe needs to be counseled on his demeanor and his characteristics because his arrogant and negative attitude is causing the casino to lose their employees and revenue. The organization needs to change the way leaders take action. Workforce development, recruitment, entrepreneurship, employee relations, and revitalization are critical in the survival of the fittest in the business industry (Ennis, 2008). Joe needs to understand that his behavior and attitude is unacceptable and detrimental to the organization. The friction between upper management and front level employees is causing an unhealthy and unproductive work environment. In the casino world, negative feedback from the customers can be harmful because most of the customers are big spenders. If they are unsatisfied with the casino, they will take their business elsewhere. Therefore, it is crucial for the employees to provide superb customer service to retain the customers and gain their loyalty. Joe should be just as
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