Sexism In Disney Princess Movies

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Disney princess movies has been a very impactful on society and pop culture, and the franchise has been proven to be very lucrative. The main target audience for these movies are little impressionable girls. Every movie from 1937, Snow White, to 2017, Moana, has garnered a lot of attention from children everywhere, especially young females, and leaves a lasting imprint on each and every one. There have been many critics saying that the franchise leaves negative impressions on little girls. They believe that the Disney princess plots promotes sexism. They believe that these characters are oppressed. While I do agree with that to a certain extent, I also believe that if we analyze these princesses a little bit more closely we can …show more content…

Belle could have settled down with any man in her town, but she waited for the one she was most compatible with and the one that possess all of the qualities she was looking for. All the qualities that the beast possessed. It figures like Belle that shows little girls everywhere that love exist and they deserve to be the ones that fit them and the one who genuinely love them for who they are. Now some critics may say that the love spawned between the beast and Belle was a product of Stockholm syndrome but there is no evidence of it being such. Belle was given freedom and she decided to stay and when she did come back it was to save the beast. And her attitude changed when she saw the beast for who he truly was. Disney princess culture also teaches little girls to chase their dreams, despite what challenges they are faced with. All of the Disney princesses have many goals and ambitions that were not just to be “in love”. We live in a society now where people give up on their dreams if it is not easy to access, but Disney princess help show through perseverance, hard work, and sometimes even sacrifice nothing can stand in the way of a girl and her dreams. Tiana’s dream, from The Princess and the Frog, was to open up her very own restaurant. The opening of the film was her working to save up enough to accomplish this ambition. Along the way she did find love, but that did not stop her. Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, is

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