Shadow Reflection

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The student I chose to follow for a shadow study is a junior girl who has been very open in class about expressing her opinion. The student is in my cooperating teacher’s Basic Geometry class during second block. I picked this particular student because my cooperating teacher told me a story about how last year this student yelled at a substitute teacher while he was absent and walked out of class. Also, I have seen how this student interacts with her peers in my cooperating teacher’s classroom. I found it interesting to see how the other teachers work with her. This will give me an insight on how to structure the class when I teach. I also have this student’s younger sister in Algebra I. She is a freshman, and I never would have guessed that they were sisters until she told me. The schedule is a block schedule, so each class is ninety minutes except seminar at the end of the day, which is thirty minutes. Since seminar is a study hall, I decided not to shadow her during that class.
I attempted to shadow this student on a white day because she has my cooperating teacher’s class. I showed up to the student’s first block on Tuesday. The teacher informed me that the student usually shows up early to class, but neither of us had seen her. When the bell rang, I decided to stay and see if she showed up. I was informed that she was marked absent. That day in Communications, the students were to have a reading day, which means that the whole ninety-minute class the students were to
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