Shared Vision Statement

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Mooney & Mausbach (2008) show the importance of a mission and vision for a school districts improvement. They focus on the concept of alignment. According to Mooney & Mausbach (2008, p.27) “Alignment consists of smooth connections between the processes that improve schools and their efficiency.” The mission is the fundamental belief of what kind of education the district is providing. My districts mission states: “The Hillsborough Township Public School District is committed to providing a superior education for all students so they will lead us successfully and responsibly into the future.“
The world language department has the following vision: “The Hillsborough Township Public Schools World Languages Department envisions a strong, dynamic, exemplary, well-articulated K-12 program where all students are exposed to meaningful language and cultural experiences on a daily basis, with the aim of preparing them for the global marketplace of the 21st century and providing them with a sense of appreciation of
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Mooney & Mausbach (2008) describe three practices of creating a shared vision statement.
First, would be to study articles and books about accomplished and effective practices. The second practice according to Mooney & Mausbach (2008) is to reflect these practices critically according to the needs of the own school or district. Finally, educators need to exchange thought and ideas about the accomplished and effective practices and the reflection of how these could be implemented in the own school or district. These discussion should be open conversations that do not include decision making. Mooney & Mausbach (2008) emphasize that a vision should be a continuous process.

My district mission statement articulates the expectation of educating all student in a superior way. The world language vision statement aligns well with the mission. It defines what superior education means for the world language
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