Short Essay On A Journey

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I stood by the desk watching the passengers board this fabulous cruise ship called the Linda Gail. I watched many people board, most looked so shocked to even be here. I noticed a couple, very rich, but not snooty like most. The man, mid-thirties, well-built, and a handsome but stern face. The woman, wife most likely, was quite slim and looked to be in her early thirties and had a very beautiful face. The man walked over to the desk to acquire his room. "Hello, I'm Mr. Andrews and I'm here to check into my room, please," he said. "Well, Mr. Andrews, you and your wife will be in room 102, and I hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise, "said the concierge. A bell boy ran to get their bags as they went up to their room. I stopped a…show more content…
I can't wait to get into the casino!" he said excitedly. "Well, congratulations Mr. Snider, hope you have a lovely time." said the concierge. He walked off spinning his mustache around his finger. I looked at the door just in time to see a very pretty girl with brown hair walk in. She looked familiar to me like I've seen her before. Then it hit me. It was Savannah Star, the singer. If I remember correctly, she didn't go very far. The concierge greeted her with a warm smile. "Why hello, Ms. Star, I can't wait to see your show, "he said. She thanked him and headed to her room. The captain, Jason Smith, came around the corner and greeted Ms. Star as she headed to her room. "Good day, captain," said the concierge. I looked at my watch to find it was only three o’clock, so I decided to go watch the ship leave the dock. There were hundreds of people waving to their relatives as we finally started to move. Many people crowded the back of the ship as they waved to their relatives until they faded from their view. I then went to my room to get everything settled.
Once I was done, it was only four and dinner wasn't until seven thirty, so I went to the deck to look around. I walked to the deck and was surprised to see so many people onboard. There were children running around playing tag, while the parents were lying out in the sun trying to get a tan. Some men and women were in the hot tub talking with each other and
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