Should Athena Be A Child Directed Approach

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If I were to adopt Athena, a female child who is three and a half years-old, my main course of action for her mental development who be to ensure that she is receiving the best start to her education and child care that I can provide. Personally, I feel that staying at home would be the best method. Being a young child, she will need constant and proper stimuli and an objective teacher that may be able to become subjective if it is needed. Athena, although young, still needs to bond with me as a parent so that I may become this lifelong teacher for her, and through child-directed education, research, and trying different parenting styles and techniques, she will be able to bond, as well as, have greater mental development when it is time …show more content…

I want to be a parent that is involved in my child’s development and be a lifelong teacher for her.
To support language development with Athena, I have several methods to use. One way is to just have conversations with Athena. If I communicate with her and ask questions she has a better chance at trying to form sentences and learning new words. Another part to this method would be to not over criticize what she says. By not overcorrecting her, I am allowing her to find new ways to develop language. Another way to help Athena with her language development would be to take what she says and elaborate and say it correctly. This method prevents her from feeling discourages and adds new words into her sentence. She will hear me give what sounds like praise for her speaking, and a reiteration of her words with addition ones. A final method I can use would be helping her by asking questions like; “What is the opposite of big?” These types of questions allow her to compare what she already knows and apply it to learning the new word. This shows that she not only knows the word, but what it means. Research suggests that there are certain things that are beneficial to her development. Keeping things basic and not overly complicated are very beneficial. An example would be to not stress that something is teal colored, but is blue or

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