Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School

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The debate on whether schools should allow cell phones has been around since cell phones were introduced to the public. This debate has two strongly supported point of views. The nay-sayers agree that cell phones are a big distraction to students and prevent them from doing work. For this reason, some schools have a no cell phone policy. However, people who agree to having cell phones in the classroom have an even stronger point of view. They believe that cellphones help students be more productive, and even stay safe. Those two reasons alone put having cell phones in the classroom above not having them. Cell phones should be allowed in classrooms because they help with the learning environment, provide easy access to the internet, and can be used as a way of communication or identification in case of an emergency.

Having cell phones in classrooms will help with the learning environment. Teachers in recent years have added online lessons and the usage of various applications to their lesson plans. With addition so some technology available to the students already, cell phones would allow the whole class to participate. These applications such as Kahoot, would allow students to learn as one since the whole class can participate. Students will be allowed to connect their cellphones to the schools wireless internet for educational purposes, so they will not have to worry about data charges and other fees. Many students learn lessons better with these hands-on lessons instead

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