Should College Be Free For Everyone?

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Higher education can be considered a luxury for most people in the world. Attending college can cost up to $40,000 per person for all four years; and it can cost more if a person attends graduate school. According to statistics, about 3.0 million students will enroll in graduate school programs. Most people do not have the money to just go to college and finish. Based on my own experience, I have had difficulties finding ways to pay for my college funds and to keep finding funds to continue for the next semesters. College should be free for everyone because society itself would be more efficient, a college degree increases lifetime earnings, and it would still only affect the middle class society. We have all heard the term, “school is not for everyone” and that is true. Most of our society does not even want to attend college and just enter the workforce after high school. According to National Center for Education Statistics,” About 7.0 million students will attend 2-year institutions and 13.2 million will attend 4-year institutions in fall 2015.” But if college was free for everyone, people would have a choice to go to college. Our society would be more productive if our workforce was educated. In the article titled “Higher education: Should college be free for all?” Carol Christ makes a point by saying, “But individuals are not the only ones who profit from college; the nation, and the states that compose it, benefit from a more skilled and educated workforce and the
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