Should College Be Free Of Cost?

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What if you apply for a job in and what if they ask you for your college degree? You have all the skills and experience for the job, but you do not have a college Bachelor degree. “You are rejected” this is the similar response you will hear nowadays. College is the most important part in our generation to improve the future, it is really important for each and every one of us. College nowadays is really expensive. Leading many students to stop thinking about going to 4 year college and getting education. Should college be free of cost to attend? The answer is "Yes", many students opt out from college because they cannot afford for college. If youth do not go to college then how are we supposed to get our strong future leaders and how we going to develop the country with uneducated peoples. Every person deserve high quality of education. According to an article in Huff Post, majority of 62 percent students cannot or are not able to afford public college education. This has increased since last 40 decades. If we look today, it takes a year or two for a minimum wage worker to gather enough money to pay for in state tuition for a semester at public college. While, only minimum wage pay from working on summer was enough money to pay an entire college tuition for a year in 1970 's and before. This is the main cause why today 's youth do not like to attend college, and/or do not finish their graduation. College cost is raising every year, let 's say it is flying high, way high
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