Should Parents Raise Their Kids?

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Although, the government has certain policies when it comes to how parents raise their kids, there have been many instances where in my opinion the government goes overboard. The government should not be able to dictate to parents on how they should be raising their my opinion, parents should be able to raise their kids however way they want without the government interfering. Parents have different ways of raising their children and they should be allowed to do so however they want to do it. There have been cases where neighbors have called the cops because they see a child walking by themselves on the street or walking to school by themselves. Some kids get taken away from their parents because the child walking alone to school might seem like they are being neglected. The government should allow parents to raise their kids however way they want to.
My opponents might say something different because there has been times where some parents do neglect their kids and their neighbors need the police to intervene. But that shouldn’t prevent the other parents who have reasons for raising their children so that they know some independence. Even though, the government has good intentions and only wants to keep the children safe, sometimes they do things to the extreme.
First of all, some parents decide to do free range parenting in order to break the fear that there is out there. Almost every day on the news or on the internet, there is always a child abduction. There is

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