Similarities Between Black Pearl And Alice Through The Looking Glass

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The movie I am comparing to Alice Through the Looking Glass is Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl. Alice was trying to save her friend and his parents. In Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow tried to be captain again of the Black Pearl ship. I chose Black Pearl because it seemed alike in many ways and they have their differences. In Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow tries to be captain of the Black Pearl ship again. In Alice Through the looking glass, Alice tries to save the Hatter family. In Black Pearl, there is a lot more action because there is people getting stabbed and shot. In Alice Through the looking glass, there was more adventure because Alice goes to different worlds and Jack does not. Jack is always happy and funny in any situation. When he was fighting, he was flipping a coin at the same time. Alice always seemed sad and depressed. She thought that the Hatter would die or turn evil. The rising action in Black Pearl would be when Jack attacks the Black Pearl to get it back. The rising action in Through the looking glass is when Alice finds the Hatters family.…show more content…
Jack was trying to find the ship and Alice is trying to find the Hatters family. They were both looking for something that someone else stole. But they didn't just steal one thing, they stole more things. The Red Queen stole Haters happiness and his family. The captain stole the ship and the treasure. Both of the stories had adventure because in Through the Looking Glass, Alice ventured through time. These are the reasons why Through the Looking Glass is different and similar from Black Pearl. They were both different and similar in many ways. I chose Black Pearl because when I first saw that movie I knew that it would be similar. So I had to watch it
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