Sing Song Praises Of Religion

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The sing-song praises of the Lord be it in any religions of the world seem to enchant the listener.

The goodness of Gods as sung by the apostles. The hymns and verses keep us in a jostle.
Faith overcomes the probing mind.

Scepticism is thrown out of context it is a blind belief that keeps one at rest.
The devotees listen with closed eyes.

The miracles that Gods' institute, the cures they execute, all astound beyond conviction.

Ailments disappear in a flourish
Paucity turns into a bounty with a relish.
It is God who did them all.

The Vedas are scientific rendition.
The bible and the Kuran are expositions of religion interlocked with science.

Science questions extensively.
The Holy Scriptures emphatically hold faith as the pillar

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