Singapore Fast Food War

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1. Conduct an IMC context analysis for one of the following; McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, or KFC. This case study will analyze customers, competitors and communication of McDonald’s because it is one of the most well known brands worldwide. CUSTOMERS McDonald's opened the first restaurant in Singapore at Liat Towers on Orchard road in October 1979. Its aim is to offer friendly fast food in a fun environment for everyone to enjoy. Its target markets are families, because children want to visit McDonald’s as it is a fun place to eat, working people who are looking for a quick meal because of their busy schedules, and teenagers who are looking for the value for money menus and free internet access available in some restaurants. McDonald’s target…show more content…
The target of the monopoly campaign was to obtain repeat customers (Writer, Staff 2009). For the current promotion, McDonald’s offers free toys with the purchase of happy meals “Hot Wheel Go for It!” for boys and “Barbie in the Pink Shoes” for girls to collect. In addition, McDonald’s also provides on going promotions such as birthday parties, gift certificate and discounted coupons for customers of all ages, which aid to support sales promotion (McDonald’s Singapore 2013). Public Relation According to McDonald’s press releases (2013), the current public relation programs for year 2013 are “The World’s Largest Ever Breakfast Giveaway”, “Customers And Staff Gather to Bid Farewell to McDonald’s Marine Cove Restaurant”, and First “Home-Away-From-Home For Families With Sick Children Opens In Singapore.” 2. Identify the target markets that are best suited to each of the following: McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC McDonald’s The best suited target markets for McDonald’s are people of all ages and demography such as parents with children who visit McDonald’s to give the children a treat, kids who want to visit McDonald’s as it is a fun place to eat, a business customer who visits McDonald’s to have a quick meal and rush to go back to work and teenagers who are attracted by the sever menu they can afford and the free internet access available in restaurants (McDonald’s Corporation 2008). Pizza Hut Upon reviewing Pizza Hut advertisements in Singapore, the
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