Single Sex Schools And Co Ed Schools

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INTRODUCTION In 1980’s and early 1990’s, a professor of sociology at Providence University, Cornelius Riordan, carried out a series of studies to compare short-term and long-term advantages and disadvantages of single-sex Catholic schools with co-ed Catholic schools in the United State. He claimed that there are more advantages to girls in single-sex schools than disadvantages. However, he was set apart from many other researchers in the field, particularly outside the United State because of his believe. Therefore this research was carried out to study the advantages and disadvantages of single-sex schools and co-ed schools. A survey was also carried out on the internet to garner public opinions and stands on this matter.

2.0Pros of single-sex schools
2.1 Students more focus on academic There have been many research reported that students are more focus on academic in single-sex schools. According to research analyzed by Haag , African American and Hispanic American students that attend single-sex Catholic Secondary schools scored higher on standardized tests than peers in co-educational schools. Girls and boys will always be different. In single-sex school, developmental paths of single-sex and the sex preference, capability and learning pattern are able to direct by the teachers (Starr 2002). Separate gender schools allow teachers to organize the classes’ size, classes’ environment and learning styles that fit the sex most perfectly. A survey carried out found…
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