Six Models Of Abnormality

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Models of Abnormality Abnormalities, causes and treatment vary with the different perspectives. Abnormal behavior causes deviance, distress, dysfunction and/or danger (Comer, 2012). Researchers have formed their own models explaining abnormality. Biology, the mysteries of the unconscious, behavior, thought processes, self-awareness and relationships with society and cultures have influenced the six models of abnormality along with treatment methods for each.
Biological Model The biological model is based on a medical/physical perspective to abnormality. Dysfunction is the product of physical malfunctions such as brain messages not functioning properly and certain inherited genes. Poor message transmission can cause depression while inherited genes can lead to mood disorders and schizophrenia (Suinn, 1988). Treatments such as drug therapy, occur when physical causes of the abnormality are found. Drug therapy uses drugs that effect one’s emotional process and thought process. For example, antidepressants would be given to someone that has depression to elevate the mood, while antipsychotic drugs would help alleviate hallucinations and delusions for one with psychotic disorders (Comer, 2012). The biological model focuses on curing physical ailments for abnormality while others focus on the mind and the environment as the sole cause for abnormality.
The Psychodynamic Model The psychodynamic model has abnormalities stemming from the mind. Forces from the environment are at

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