Sixties Scoop Essay

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The Sixties Scoop was a horrendous time in Canadian history. It was a catastrophic failure in terms of Aboriginal children's welfare. The Sixties Scoop compromised the welfare of Indigenous children in three major ways: the victims were subject to abuse in foster families, the victim's lost their sense of identity and their success was inhibited. For starters, the Sixties Scoop was a huge failure in terms of Aboriginal children's welfare because in many cases victims were abused by foster families. Many of the victim's state they were physically abused during their stay with their foster families. This is a sensitive topic which ashamed of talking about so their are no statistic on this issue however a person that speaks out about her …show more content…

The medical neglection caused children to die of a treatable illness. Hence proving the Sixties Scoop jeopardize the welfare of children Indigenous children as they were neglected by their foster homes. Also, many Sixties Scoop survivors have come forward about being sexually abused in their forter homes. Such as in an CBC interview called “Sold as salvation: Sixties Scoop placed children in abusive system”, Sixties scoop victim Lisa Strong said “As soon as we arrived, I was sexually abused by their sons. ..Their sons continued the sexual and physical abuse right where they left off when I was four...” This is only one case however many victims often feel ashamed when coming forth with sexual abuse allegations. Hence proving that the Sixties Scoop was catastrophic in indigenous children's welfare because they were taken away from their birth parents and put in home that were sexually abusive. The Sixties Scoop was a failure in terms of Aboriginal children's welfare because the victims were physically, mentally and sexually abused by their foster home which was ironic as they were taken away to be protected. Secondly, as mentioned earlier the Sixties Scoop did more harm than good. It was a complete failure in terms of aboriginal children's welfare because it created a sense of loss of identity for Indigenous children.

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