Skills Identification Worksheet

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Skills Statement According to the skills identification worksheet, I have a grand total of 21 skills, mostly through job and school experience. While some of these skills I gained in the military, I consider military experience as job experience, so I did not mark them as “other experience”. The skills were separated into seven different areas of experience. I had at least one skill in each area. The first area was communication. I chose sales/marketing and explaining/listening as job experience skills. I remember working for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service as a sales representative in the electronics department. I had to be able to listen to the customers’ needs when they came in looking for a particular type of product and then …show more content…

As a loadmaster, I had to repeatedly calculate the weight and balance of the aircraft. I would use formulas taught to me in technical training and a weight and balance form to ensure the aircraft was not overweight in any particular section, I would then file that form with the maintenance crew before takeoff. When I was a sales associate, I would be responsible for taking inventory of all the high dollar products every morning or evening and recording those numbers and any discrepancies I came …show more content…

Most of these skills would fall under job experience. The ability to learn quickly was especially important in the military. During technical training the Air Force is trying to push you through as fast as possible to continue feeding the pipeline. If you can’t keep up, you’re recycled into another career field. One that you may not find as rewarding an experience than the job you initially wanted. Positive attitude is a crucial skill to have in working with a team. A negative attitude can really slow down a project if it begins to spread to other members. This is just something you learn when entering the workforce. You begin to learn who to avoid based on their attitudes. I marked work ethic as other experience because I feel like this is something I learned from my father. I remember my father waking up very early every morning to head to work and support his wife and four children. He would even ride a bike to work 11 miles away when his car broke down. I’ll always remember that. The last skills I checked off in this area were dependability/ reliability and flexibility. I grouped these two together because I feel like they sort of fit together. If you’re not very flexible than you can’t really be relied on to step up and take a shift when someone needs you to. I marked them under work experience and I am certain the people I have worked for would substantiate this for me. I would say a lack of

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