Essay on Slanket: Responding to Snuggie’s Market Entry

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Slanket: Responding to Snuggie’s Market Entry Case Study and Marketing Analysis

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Introduction In 2003, Gary Clegg decided to start “a little project where he could make some money,” (Deighton & Kornfeld, 2010, p. 1) and began selling a wearable blanket with sleeves called “the Slanket”. Utilizing television and print marketing channels such as QVC, an at-home shopping network, and SkyMall, a retail catalog exclusive to airlines, the Slanket became a success with $5 million in sales by its …show more content…

| - | The original Slanket was manufactured in Maine but due to increased cost and slow turn around on delivery, the Slanket began outsourcing to China in 2006 (Burnham, 2009). | - | Unable to obtain a patent for the Slanket allowing competitors to enter the market (Burnham, 2009). | - | The Slanket does not have a clear direction on who their target market is, utilizing an undiversified marketing mix of SkyMall magazine and QVC At-Home Shopping (Deighton & Kornfeld, 2010). | - | The Slanket does not have product-line diversification. | - | The Slanket has no direct target market; uncertainty exists in current and future response and value perception of consumers. | - | Seasonable demand of product- higher demand in colder months, less in warmer months (, n.d.). | - |

Real Issue The real issue facing the Slanket is determining how the company should proceed following the aftermath of the Snuggie’s extreme success, to maintain long-term sustainability. Does the Slanket follow in the footsteps of the Snuggie and try to capitalize on their previous success or differentiate themselves through different marketing mixes.
SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis above represents the internal strengths and weaknesses of the Slanket company as well as the external opportunities and threats the company is faced with. Their strengths, providing a quality

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