Slavery And Its Effects On African Americans

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Slavery was not fun for the African Americans and they found ways to resist this degrading position that they were forced into. The slaves would rearrange the lyrics to Christian music and sung the songs to express themselves and send a message to their masters. The enslaved African Americans would even bring harm to themselves so they would not be any additional benefit to the slave masters in multiple ways. They reverted to drastic measures to resist this awful feeling and condition by cutting off their fingers, poisoning themselves, killing themselves, and their masters. They often ran away, slowed down while performing their duties in the fields, attacked their masters, cut off their toes, poisoned the master’s cattle, or targeted their destination for the Underground Railroad. These were some of the strong measures of resistance by the enslaved African Americans (Holt & Barkley, 2000). Slaves even burned the buildings and damaged their tools and equipment to show the masters their resistance to their brutal treatment and unjust situation being enslaved. Sometimes the enslaved displayed an act being dumbfounded or remedial so they could prolong performing their duties which exemplified another means of resistance towards their masters (, 2016). The African Americans that joined the military forces saved their pay to go and buy their children or wives back if they were sold during that enslavement period or during the enslavement period to reunite their

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