Sleep Deprivation Is Caused By Technology

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Sleep Deprivation is caused by Technology Technology is the main cause of sleep deprivation in today’s society. Sleep deprivation is a major problem in today 's society. According to Farlex, the definition of sleep deprivation is a sufficient lack of restorative sleep over a cumulative period so as to cause physical or psychiatric symptoms and affect routine performances of tasks (Sleep Deprivation). What this is saying is sleep deprivation is a lack of restful sleep that accumulates when not enough restful sleep is achieved, this causes inability to preform daily tasks. Sleep is important to perform to the best of our ability each day. Sleep deprivation affects even some of the smallest things that we do in our daily life. In bedrooms today we have many gadgets, we have televisions, game counsels, tablets, and our phones. All of these thing affect how we sleep. Ninety-five percent of people use technology an hour before they go to bed (How technology affects sleep). Whether this is sending texts, emailing, playing games, or browsing through social media. In today 's society we find this as normal everyday routines. Studies show that we should abstain from using technology two hours before we are wanting to go to sleep (How Technology Affects Sleep). How does technology effect how we sleep? Our technology that we use daily gives off many colors of light. The color that is believed to disrupt our sleeping patterns is in particular the blue light. Blue light prevents the
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