Sleep Patterns Of Young Adults Essay

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ANALYSIS Sleep Analysis Study As I was searching for an article to study, I came across a study that was done on the sleep patterns of both men and women that were enrolled in the United States Military Academy. Nita Lewis Miller and Lawrence G. Shattuck were in charge of the study. They wanted to specifically study the sleep patterns of young adults and how it affected them in their day to day lives. This Study takes place over a 4 year period of time. Most of the participants remain the same throughout the study, but those who decided to drop out or had to be removed were replaced with another participant who compared with them demographically. The general topic of this study was to examine the sleep patterns of young adults. Young adults vary differently from any other age group. They have the tendency to go to sleep later, but have difficulty rising in the morning. This is due to “melatonin being released later, peaking and dropping off later” (Miller, Shattuck, Sleep patterns of Cadets at the U.S. Military Academy,2005, P.1) More specifically they wanted to study men and women that were first year cadets in the United States Military Academy. They chose these types of candidates for a reason; they knew that the USMA would be testing these individuals in four areas: intellectual, physical, military and moral- ethical. Miller and Shattuck sought to study how getting less sleep affected their performance. The participants as stated above were first year cadets both

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