Sleeping Beauty : The Real Story Of Sleeping Beauty

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Have you heard of Sleeping Beauty? A girl falls asleep for a hundred years, and a prince wakes her up with a kiss. Well that story is wrong. The real story does not begin with a party to celebrate the princess's birth, and there is no evil fairy. There is no prince to wake her up. That story was just made up for little kids, because the real story is not as happy. The story starts off in a little town that exists in a far away place, this town is called
Sun Town. Everyone is always happy, never sad, no one cries. Then when the princess was born she got scared and started to cry, after that she never smiled. The people thought she was cursed to never be happy, and she never was. No one would go near her because they thought the curse would spread to them. So every time someone would see the princess she had a frown on her face. One day the princess went for a long walk to meet people in the next kingdom over, Gloom Ville, that didn't know about her ‘curse’. When she was there, she felt normal. Nobody looked at her like a bug on their shoe. They looked at her like they looked at the rest of the people who lived there. So she decided to stay in that town, but while she was there the people from her old kingdom started to fall asleep one by one. The princess didn't know about what was happening in her old town until she heard some of the towns folk talking about it. Her old home was having problems and she wasn't there to help them. The princess got a horse and raced

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