Smoking And Antismoking Ideas

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4: Credibility: How do you get people to believe in your ideas?
How do you get others to believe your idea ? You base your idea on authorities− parents, experts, outside sources, etc. if you can appeal to a first or second class authority then the problem of credibility is easily solved, however if you cannot or chose not to, there are ways to build credibility without the need to rely on such authorities. These ways include: using anti-authorities, using concrete detains, statistics, using the Sinatra test, and testable credentials.
Explanation through Example
If you have seen antismoking commercials you have probably noticed that they often used former smokers to make the point that smoking isn’t good for you. Many of the antismoking ads we see on television involve former smokers who are enduring the consequences of smoking. Although they are not celebrities, they are living proof of the types of consequences that come from smoking. They are not experts or rich. They are former smokers. Using real people, with their real stories, builds credibility.
Explanation It is not always possible to rely on outside sources to make an idea credible. In many instances, ideas have to vouch for themselves. People tend to believe more in ideas when they are given details. For instance, people are more likely to go vegan when they are given a lot of details addressing the benefits of going vegan compared to just being told to go vegan. Even

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