Smoking Cessation

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A Review of Smoking Cessation Education and Implementation for Nurses

A Review of Smoking Cessation Education and Implementation for Nurses There are so many different facets of nursing. Nurses are given so many tools to utilize in our role of educator to patients. It has to be kept in mind that we are doing this with our patients continuously. Every time a task is completed with patients and it is explained what is being doing, teaching is being conducted and hopefully they will take that with them in the future. Nurses need to be adequately equipped with the tools needed to teach patients. Without proper education, how are nurses expected to pass on …show more content…

It was also implemented to show the effectiveness on nursing students ' self-efficacy and it affects their performance in smoking cessation interventions. The experiences of the nursing students, their attitudes, and what barriers stand in their way to teaching smoking cessation and interventions. Among the student a small percentage were smokers. Most of students thought there was a benefit from smoking cessation. They were well educated about the health risks of smoking. It was found that few were taught and practiced smoking cessation intervention. The students’ main barriers were that they should be actively involved in smoking cessation for patients but lack of knowledge and skills. “The simulation-based training of smoking cessation intervention improved nursing students ' self-efficacy in seven out of nine skills of smoking cessation intervention.”(Sohn,M., Ahn,Y., Park,H.,& Lee, M.) The findings show that simulation could be used effectively in the teaching of smoking cessation intervention education to nursing students. In this article there was only a small number of people who smoked, this could be one of the weaknesses, but it did show in the end that they could put their own thoughts on smoking aside and for the best interest of their patients teach the smoking cessation interventions when they were well equipped. One of the strengths is that they tested the self efficacy on nine different smoking cessation techniques,

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