Social And Educational Environments : How It Fits

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Abstract Within this Briefing Paper, the topic of Bring Your Own Device, in short “BYOD”, will be explored in regards to how it fits in to current day corporate and educational environments, and why it will be a primary focus in future IT strategies. The importance of it will be signified and why it is a major advantage for IT departments and users, and the policies governing BYOD and why they need to exist for an IT department to effectively support users and their devices. Benefits of cost reduction, comfortability through BYOD are contrasted against concerns of security, platform commitment and integration approach, and ultimately why BYOD is an exciting prospect for the future with a current large uptake that is continuing to grow year…show more content…
Importance The trend of BYOD is enabling “organisations to take advantage of new technology faster” (Defence Signals Directorate, 2014), which is very important in today’s rapidly evolving ecosystem of devices available on the planet. The traditional course of action for an IT department is that they usually supply a smartphone/laptop/tablet to a user, which is intended to last them a few years. As a result over time the device falls out of line with the expected speeds and features of the latest devices on the market, potentially annoying the user. Taking advantage of new technology leads users to being reinforced with the expected standards of current speed and power, which “can often save time and money” (QLD Government, 2015), and also enable the user to be protected with the latest security available, which is crucial when a device is containing sensitive data. Policies As a BYOD implementation gives more control to the user with how they can complete their work, through the ability to use their own device, guidelines (in the form of a policy) must be set as to how and what an IT department can do to support the
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