Social Cognition : The Way People Process, Storage And Apply Information

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Social cognition studies the way people process, storage and apply information relate to other and social situations. It specifically focuses on the cognitive processes we use when in social interactions. The way we perceive others play an important role in how we feel, think and interact with our environment. For example, imagine you are going to your dream job interview. The first impression influences the way the interviewer seems you. That first impression is so powerful that it will be a key point to whether hire you or not. Social psychologies seek to understand the nature and causes of our behaviors, feelings and thoughts in social situation. Social psychologist tries to figure out the ways in which our thoughts feelings and actions are influenced by society. In general, social cognition is how we think about the social world around us. The social world around us influences our way of thinking, the manner in which we interpret, analyze, remember and use that information about the social world. Availability Heuristic is a mental shortcut which makes it easier to derive previous information. They come to mind when making decisions which helps us to arrive quickly to a conclusion. This easiness to retrieve the information makes us believe that it must be very frequent. For example, after seeing several news reports about shoplifting, you might make a judgment that shoplifting is much more common than it really is in your area. ( pg. 37) Availability heuristic is the

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