Social Entrepreneurship : How Conscious Capitalism Is Changing Business

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Social Entrepreneurship: How Conscious Capitalism is Changing Business
What sort of brands come to mind when talking about popular restaurants, clothing chains, airline travel, grocery shopping locations, or online stores? Chances are Chipotle, The North Face, REI, Southwest Airlines, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Amazon all find their way into the conversation. What makes these companies so successful, even though many of them seem to rely on selling high priced goods? The answer is Conscious Capitalism. Conscious Capitalism is the new social entrepreneurship strategy that combines purpose and profit together to produce businesses that serve customers, communities, employees, and shareholders. Conscious Capitalism centered businesses will outperform businesses of similar purpose and size that do not practice Conscious Capitalism, and accelerator curriculums that promote Conscious Capitalism will produce more successful companies. In addition, it makes sense and is advantageous to expand these ideals to second-tier economic cities in order to promote growth.
Conscious Capitalism is a revolutionary form of business that takes capitalism toward a more modern approach and level of success. Conscious Capitalism is based on four tenets, each of which is important in establishing a complete business. The first tenet of these tenets is stakeholder care (Triple Pundit), something that is crucial because stakeholders include everyone that makes the business run (Mackey). Specifically,
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