Social Interactions in Society Essay

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Social Interactions in Society I will be investigating social interaction amongst different members of society and then applying the thoughts of the “three grandfathers of sociology” to their behaviour. I chose to do my sociological study in a pub, called the Monks Retreat, which is situated in Reading city centre and is one of the JP Weatherspoons franchises. I started my study at 3pm on Tuesday 22nd November 2005. I decided upon a pub, because it is an environment where a lot of different types of people are brought together into one place and so are easily observable, also a pub is a place where people often feel comfortable and so are more likely to interact socially with people around them.…show more content…
There were some very interesting interactions between the male and female bar staff of the pub when dealing with the different strata’s of society. Also how the staff interacting with each other when the bar was not busy, as most of the staff was male except for a lone, supervising female. Karl Marx is one of the most important sociologists and so I will apply his theories first. Marx believed in materialist determinism, where in the end what drives us, is material needs, the money to buy the things, which we need, e.g. food alcohol and housing. Marx believes that material interests are the key to what we want and need. In my study the group that I think is best described my Marx’s theories, is the group of old men, who were fiercely competitive, the four men, who were all drinking, often forced slower drinkers to speed up in order to maintain pace with the rest of the group. The men also competed over the quality of their mobile phones and set up challenges to see who had the better model of mobile phone, the men all took pictures of similar items and then compared and contrasted there pictures. They particularity took my attention as they interacted not with themselves but with the different strata’s of society who
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