Social Media And Instant Messenger

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Sitting on the train, I was aimlessly staring out of the window with my headphones in blasting my music at full volume. I was heading into the City for the first time and as if that wasn’t scary enough on its own; I was going to meet my brother. The same brother I didn’t know existed until nine months ago. It had started when I received a letter in the post, which in itself was a surprise. It had taken a couple of weeks to get over the shock and come to terms with the fact I had a brother. Over the following months we had spoken to each other through various forms of social media and instant messenger, getting to know each other more. So far I had learnt that his name was Michael Fuentes but that he preferred to go by Mike and that he was two years younger than me at twenty eight. He fitted the ‘gangster’ stereotype perfectly, but the more I got to know him the more I disagreed with the label. He had long hair, like me, but he had shaved the sides so it was technically a Mohawk. I was also really surprised by his voice as it was a lot softer than I had imagined based on his appearance and the small amount of information I had prior to speaking to him. I also knew that he had both arms covered in tattoos as was his neck from the pictures I had seen online although he had told me that he had more over his torso and legs. I could feel my heart rate speeding up as the train was slowing down, knowing I was just minutes away from facing my only living blood relative. The train

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