Social Media Disadvantages

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The Battle of Social Medias The new generations of children are relying more and more on phones and their electronic devices. The average teen spends more than 6 hours glued to social media every day (Tsukayama). Our population loves this new phenomenon of social media where you can have a personality on the web and can get to know people without having to physically talk to them. As the use of social media has bloomed significantly, the media industry has become more competitive with new sites popping up and new features being added regularly. The question for users is; which social media site is the best? There are numerous sites including Instagram, snapchat, and YouTube. As we continue to use social media more and more, we need weigh out the positives and negatives. After our research, we have concluded the best social media is Instagram because it has all the features of snapchat, easier to add friends, and more features to go with your post.
Snapchat among the most used social media applications in the world. Snapchat allows you to take pictures to not only send to friends, but you can also put them on your story for all of your friends to see (Rulein). Your story can be viewed by all of your snapchat friends, unless you chose to block from your story. Snapchat offers the ability for you to block certain people from being able to look at your story. While taking the pictures, you can also add A-I Lenses to make your face look like different animals or

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