Social Media Vs Old Spice Essay

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As I look to companies that are pushing their brand through advertising, I can see where a lot of shifts have happened. In addition to this, some companies are trying to be consistent while others have changed their messages across the markets that they are targeting. One of the more comical advertisements that I have seen have come from the company that produces old spice deodorant and body washes for (primarily) men. Their message is basically pushing out the idea that using their product will make you more "manly" by using comical depictions of known actor Terry Crews (in a majority of the ads) where he is basically punching different things or going through hilariously built scenes. While their advertising is fantastic on TV, they do a …show more content…

I think the biggest factor that is causing the media landscape to change is the fact that so many people are gathering their media consumption through social media platforms such as the ones I just described. The amount of interaction and engagement through these mediums is increasing so much and the opportunity for business growth through these particular forms is exponential. People get their news through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Snapchat has a sort of news section as well, and with the amount of data that is gathered from places like Facebook, companies can create personalized ads specifically based on your interests, right inside the app. With this in mind, we can see why companies are changing their marketing tactics to be more relevant in a social media heavy environment, but it is important to note that their are still plenty of traditional outlets that consumers are still going to be

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