Socialization and Self Concept

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Ernesto Mendoza CMST 101 #66703 M/W 11:00am (Fall 2012) Lisa Shiba October 8, 2012 Reaction Paper #1 Socialization is a big part of our lives it goes hand in hand with our self concept. Self concept helps us understand who we are and how we think we look compared to other people. How you view yourself plays a very important role in your life. Although we view ourselves one way our self concept may be distorted. My experience is a very recent one that intrigued me because it made me see how important our self concept is. I realized that individuals can be in a way erased from society if they have no human interaction. I experienced this new feeling when I read Cipher in the Snow, Jean…show more content…
At school it was up to the one of the faculty members to tell the parents what had happened. The principal gave the responsibility to one of the teachers who cliff had written down that was his favorite teacher. The teacher had no idea who he was and began trying to find out who Cliff Evans was. The teacher found out that the Evans boy began as a good student wanting to learn, as time went by and he left to different teachers he was paid less attention and began being treated as a dumb student. All of the boys’ surroundings were negative and played a big factor in his death. His teacher realized that he was the only one that motivated the boy, but once he left his class he was forgotten. No other teacher paid attention to him or tried to support him they just treated him like a shy uncooperative slow learner. The teacher realized that he as an educator plays a big role in every one of his student’s life. He vows to never let it happen again and tells his students “I may not do anything else for you this year, but not one of you is going to come out here a nobody. I’ll work or fight to the bitter end doing battle with society and the school board, but I won’t have one of you coming out of here thinking himself a zero”(p.50). Self-concept plays a big role in all our lives and what happened to Cliff Evans. This story was a big eye opener for me, what people think of themselves
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