Socratic Method In Law School

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Law students and Lawyers are trained to be insensitive for a number of reasons. For starters the environment the law student, or lawyer, experiences either in law school or in their ideal practice, warrants competition. With competition comes aggression and hostility. In an environment like that, insensitivity is second nature. At that point, insensitivity becomes an innate ability that you will carry with you throughout the rest of your law school experience and so forth. The latter is rooted in the idea of the Socratic method, the I ask a question, you answer, and I attack the validity of your entire response ordeal, which most schools have adopted into their institutions. The latter is displayed in the movie by Kingsfield as he addressed his class in the beginning and told them that he would be using the Socratic method throughout the course of the semester. By using this method, it improves the reaction time, the analytic response, and improves the targeted party’s critical thinking ability regarding hypotheticals. Not only that, it prepares the law student, and lawyer, mentally and emotionally for the adversarial process. According to The Princeton Review (2017), in a best case scenario, the Socratic method successfully derails a properly prepared student by challenging their initial premises in the hopes of adverting the targeted individual’s attention to the bigger picture (The Princeton Review, 2017). Take the movie for example, Hart was not prepared the first day
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