Software Development Lifecycle ( Sdlc ) Essay

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In software development, there are various types of methods that developers follow in order to produce valuable software. From the many types of methods that exist today, the industry standard that is mostly followed today is the software development lifecycle (SDLC). The SDLC is a process that software development companies utilize in order to design, develop and test software during production. Within the SDLC, there are different test models that developers can utilize based on their business and development requirements. Currently today, the most common models include the waterfall, iterative, spiral and V-model. Regardless of the model that a developer decides to utilize, all the phases will be the same, which would begin with the first step and that is the requirement gathering and analysis phase. The requirements gathering and analysis phase is the most critical phase for the overall success of the project because this phase helps “identify and capture stakeholder requirements using customer interviews and surveys” (Smith, 2016). In order to successfully capture software requirements from the stakeholder, developers need to conduct conference meetings to understand the capabilities of the software. This conference meeting usually takes place only once, so it is essential that developers collect all the information required for the software during the elicitation requirement meeting. For developers to be successful in collecting all the required information, it is a…
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