Software Development Project Charter

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Globalware Enterprise Management System (GEMS) Warehouse Management Project Project Charter |Filing Reference |: |ISS/SE18/3S/GEMS/MP/MPP/MPPC | |Document Title |: |Project Charter | |Version |: |1.0 | |Prepared By |: |Ganesan Shree Ramakrishnan | |Date Created |: |Wednesday, February 02, 2011…show more content…
Background 1 2. Business Need and Business Benefits 1 3. Project Objectives 2 4. Project Scope 3 4.1. In Scope 3 4.2. Out of Scope 3 4.3. Flexibility Matrix 4 4.4. Deliverables 4 5. Success Criteria 4 6. Initial Assumptions and Constraints 4 7. Initial Risks and Issues 5 8. Team and Communication 6 8.1. Stakeholders, Roles, and Responsibilities 6 8.2. Project Organization Structure 6 8.3. Initial Communication Plan 6 9. Project Authority 7 Background Globalware Solutions Singapore (GWS) is a logistics and warehousing company in the 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) business. Their clients use GWS to store their items and manage their deliveries. In order to facilitate the warehousing and Sales Order management, GWS purchased a Warehouse Management Software (WMS) called Total Fulfillment Solution (TFS) from an Indian software house. TFS was originally made for an Indian MNC in the manufacturing industry and did not suit 3PL warehousing operations of GWS. It lacked modules like service Invoicing, payment tracking, reporting, etc. In order to overcome this incapability,
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