Software Engineering Vs. Federal Aviation

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The author of the article mainly discusses about the two approaches that are useful for Software engineering.
As technology is increasing on a rapid scale there is much need for the different software development approaches to be modified and enhanced in order to face the present customer requirements and blooming Technology market. Believers of the old approach of software development finds its best in developing with planning, reusability, predictability that helps to develop a perfect software product. On the other hand trending designers likes another model of software development that is Agile Methods, both the plan-driven approach and the agile methodology has their own pros and cons. If combined and developed a good end product can …show more content…

XP is one of the agile methods which is defined as Extreme Programming, many new developers and designers are tending to follow these methodologies than the age old techniques. But managers who are accustomed to the traditional way of software development are finding it difficult in accepting these new approaches. Furthermore the plan-driven approach also has many underlying advantages such as focusing on the major goals of the project which is named as “major milestone” on the contrary to “micro milestones or inch pebbles”. In the plan-driven approach more planning is emphasized which pressurize the development teams to follow the pre specified documentation even at the minor levels of modification at technology, commercial and personal aspects. The author of the article suggests that there should be at least three milestones in the software development process. Firstly for the progress of the project in order to know the current status of the project. Secondly for the stakeholder’s checkpoint i.e. to check the progress on the development process form the stakeholders point of view whether the commitment given to them is fulfilled or not. The planning spectrum demonstrates the models on straight line where the unplanned hacking is on the left of the spectrum and the inch pebble in on the extreme right.
Now after brief discussion of the different approaches the author tries to explain the advantages and disadvantaged of both

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