Software Project Management Assignment

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School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
SEG 4105: Software Project Management, Fall 2013

Project: Mobile Banking Application
The goal of this project is to gain real-life practice of project management. In the real world, risks are rampant, project definition boundaries are fluid, and hard work is required to get on top of things. The same holds true for this SEG 4105 project.

The Case
In order to keep up with its competitors such as Royal Bank of Canada or CIBC, The Canadian
Bank of Agriculture (CBA) has decided to develop a mobile app for online banking. CBA has missed the first-to-market opportunity, but aims to enter the market share with a sleek, highly compatible offering that would be compatible with both
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Your consulting company generates millions of dollars a year in revenue from the sale of objectoriented software solutions; namely, components for other software giants to build upon and sell.
Your corporate software initiative team sponsored the development of the software team to SEI
CMM Level 2. They aspire to reach higher levels, but presently, you are at level 2.
For the SEG 4105 course, you are required to PLAN this project and also IMPLEMENT the prototype. The implementation details and preliminary requirements are included in a separate document on the project’s website. Note that only the basic requirements are listed there.
However, for a working system that will also be acceptable to the users, you need a detailed idea of their preferences. Prepare a strategy of how you are going to understand what the users really want. In your plan, explain your strategy and the requirements you actually came up with. Also make sure you and your customer agree on the environment the system is going to run on.
If any members of your team are unfamiliar with this type of
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