Software Reliability Of Software Standards

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Software reliability is dynamic & stochastic. Unlike hardware, software does not age, wear out or rust, unreliability of software is mainly due to bugs or design faults in the software. The exact value of product reliability is never precisely known at any point in its lifetime. The study of software reliability can be categorized into three parts: Modeling, Measurement & improvement. Many Models exist, but no single model can capture a necessary amount of software characteristics. Software reliability improvement is necessary & hard to achieve. It can be improved by sufficient understanding of software reliability, characteristics of software & sound software design. Software Reliability is the most important and most measurable aspect …show more content…

Article Analysis: Reliability: Software Reliability is defined as the probability of the failure free software operation for a specified period of time in a specified environment. Reliability is a probabilistic measure that assumes that the occurrence of failure of software is a random phenomenon. Reliability Process: The reliability process in generic terms is a model of the reliability-oriented aspects of software development, operations and maintenance. The set of life cycle activities and artifacts, together with their attributes and interrelationships that are related to reliability comprise the reliability process. The artifacts of the software life cycle include documents, reports, manuals, plans, code configuration data and test data. Software reliability is dynamic and stochastic. Software reliability curve: Software does not rust, age, wear-out, or deform. Unlike mechanical parts, software will stay as is unless there are problems in design or in hardware. Over time, hardware exhibits the failure characteristics as shown in Figure 1. Known as bathtub curve. Software is not susceptible to the environmental maladies that cause hardware to wear out; therefore, the failure rate curve for software should take the form of the “idealized curve” as shown in the figure below. Undiscovered defects will cause high failure

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