Somalia Research Paper

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By Ahmed Kulmiye
April 7th, 2017
Table Of Contents

Country Project 1: Location 2
Country Project 2: Demographics 4
Country Project 3: Migration 6
Country Project 4: Folk and Pop Culture 8
Country Project 5: Language 11
Country Project 6: Religion 13
Work Cited 22

Country Project 1: Location

Country Project 2: Demographics

Country Project 3: Migration Migration is the movement of people in and out of the country.This happens all over the world and Somalia is not acception to this, many people migrate Somalia to kenya.Migration has greatly affected Somalia in many ways.Some facts that made the Somalia in war is.War have talking over Somalia since 1991 until now and every year the war …show more content…

Somalia has four majority languages and they include:Somalia,Arabic,Italian,English.
These languages are more likely spoken and Italy is spoken because they colonized Somalia during nineteenth century and it was the worst time until one man rised and brought peace and we call him Sayyid Abdilla Hassan.This guy used to speak Somali language and he is creates poems and songs.And he is legendary to our country even the baby born knows him. The Somalia learns Arabic because we think our ancestors were Arabics but we are little difference.Plus the Holy book of God is written in Arabic and no one wants to change it into Somali and few does. The official language of Somalia is Somali and it’s writing and sound is the same you can write it without pronouncing it.There is a lot of trash words in the language because there is a lot of war and that will cause a lot of bad words.The language is also had to learn because it doesn’t have any grammar.The language includes Arabic and Italy because it is included of the language and you can understand whenever you you look at …show more content…

The other religion like christianity. If the people of Somalia doesn’t have Islam they must have Christianity. Because of the christian missionaries that come there. Somalia is in war with part of ISS that are there. Those terrorist think that Somalia is going to a different religion that is besides Islam. Those terrorist think that they are the guardians of Islam, But they are trying to make people run away from Islam because it is terrorist religion. But prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that he will do everything just to get peace for his people. Even though Islam is a Universalizing religion and it is going down because of the terrorist that the unneeded ones are making. Missionaries have brought Islam when they were accepted to come to Ethiopia. The missionaries started to spread their religion in other countries besides Ethiopia. And that time Ethiopia was an empire that was powerful, powerful enough to protect Muslims.
Somalia is still an Islam religion country.Somalia religion will stay for the fifty coming years.
Islamic have a calendar that is called Hijri. And this is the calendar year as the world one is called Gregorian. The Muslim people know about the Hijra. This is a picture of people that gathered together to pray for Allah.This people mostly come friday noon and the Eid.The Eid is celebrated for only two days for the year of

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