Son Jara Essay

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Fa-Digi Sisoko is who tells the version o epic in our textbook Fata Magan the Handsome: father of Son-Jara, settles in Kamalen the center of the later Manding Kingdom. A jinni appears to Fata Magan and tells him he should wed an ugly maid who is with two youths; the ugly maid will bear him a son who will rule Manding. Magan gives his sister, Nakana Taliba later appears as a principal Queen of Darkness, and a rare token in exchange for Sugulun Konde, the ugly maid. Sugulun Konde called "the Konde woman the ugly maid, mother of Son-Jara, traveling with the Taraweres, who trade her for Nakana Taliba. Saman Berete "the Berete woman" gives birth to Dankaran Tuman just before Sugulun Konde births Son-Jara. News of Son-Jara's birth reaches Fata …show more content…

Wherever Son-Jara and family go, they are thrown out. They go to the nine Queens-of- Darkness, which include Nakana Taliba.
Dankaran Tuman becomes Manding king; he tries to placate a powerful enemy, Sulu king Sumamuru (who becomes chief antagonist for Son-Jara) by sending his first-born daughter, Caress-of-Hot-Fire to be one of Sumamuru's wives. Also, Tuman sends Doka the Cat, who had been Son-Jara's personal bard, to Sumamuru to placate him. Susu Mountain Sumamuru is often referred to as wearing pants and coat of human skin (to show his fierceness). Sumamuru asks Doka the Cat to serve him but is refused, so he cuts the Achilles tendons on the bard and forces him into service. Then Sumamuru goes to war with Tuman, who loses and flees into exile. Sumamuru devastates the Manding kingdom ("put gourds in the mouths" of all), then sends two messengers Kankira-of-Silver and Kankira-of-Gold and a red bull to the nine Queens-of-Darkness as a bribe for them to kill Son-Jara. Nakana Tililba warns Son-Jara of the bribe. He turns himself into a lion, nabs nine water buffalos as gifts for the nine witches. Impressed that he gives nine buffalo and Sumamuru gave only one red bull, the witches stack the pieces of the red bull into one pile and make it live again, then give it to the two Kankira messengers to return to Susu king Sumamuru.
Son-Jara seeks refuge in

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